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Types of Blinds

Wood Blinds

We are known for our premium wood window blinds. Available in woods from basswood to bamboo to faux wood, there’s something for every home. Blinds are finished with protective sealants or coatings, providing a gorgeous finish to match any décor.

Aluminum Blinds

The most cost-effective blinds with the most color choices are aluminum blinds. Sizes vary from 1” mini blinds to 8-gauge room-darkening blinds. With 43 colors, you’re bound to find something to complement every room.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for covering sliding doors or large windows. Great choices for high-traffic areas, they come with premium vinyl or fabric vanes. Verticals come with heavy-duty headrails and full dust-cover valances. Choose these durable blinds for high-traffic areas!

Benefits of Blinds

  • Tons of options for styles and colors. You can match the design of your decor to enhance any room — we even have huge lines of wood and faux-wood!
  • Total control over the light entering your rooms. From complete darkness to full light, blinds cover everything in-between so you can customize the room for any occasion.
  • Choices for every budget. If you love wood blinds, but the cost doesn’t work for you, take a look at faux-wood!
  • Durability. Blinds are more durable and long-lasting than other window coverings.
  • Easy maintenance. Compared to fabric window coverings, blinds are a breeze. A wipe with a soft or damp cloth (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions) is all it takes to keep them looking like new.
  • Custom options. In addition to custom sizing, consider whether you prefer your blinds cordless or with motorized operation. Many offer low-profile headrails and wedge bottom rails. Ask us what kind of options are available for the blinds you choose!

Blinds for Every Room

Blinds instantly change the appearance of any room. They offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. Great Windows offers a premium selection of aluminum, wood, and vertical blinds to make your Jacksonville, FL, home look and feel amazing.

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